Dr Luca Urbani

Principal Investigator, Head of Liver Regeneration & Tissue Engineering Group, Institute of Hepatology, Foundation for Liver Research

Senior Lecturer (Adj), Kings College London


I have a background in the use of stem cells and natural-derived scaffolds to construct artificial organs for transplantation and disease modelling. Since completing my PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, I have worked on stem cell therapy and the development of artificial oesophagus, skeletal muscle, intestine, lung and liver.

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Workshop 29th October 2020,  1.30-5.00pm


The 3rd Workshop of the London Liver Regenerative Medicine Network is taking place online on Thursday 29th October 2020! 

The half-day Workshop will highlight the current research in hepatic regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, including cell therapy, organoids, organ-on-a-chip, bio-artificial hepatic systems, bioreactors, biomaterials, cancer modelling and stem cell biology.

The event will set a positive environment to discuss the challenges and future directions for the progression of this field and identify research opportunities for collaborative projects within the Liver Regenerative Medicine research community. 

The meeting will include two Keynote Sessions and two Bright Sparks Sessions with shorter talks. Keynote Speakers confirmed:

- Dr Luigi Aloia (LMCB - UCL)

- Prof David Hay (University of Edinburgh)

Full programme

For details please contact Dr Luca Urbani on 0207 255 9843 or e-mail: luca.urbani@researchinliver.org.uk

Platform:  Teams

Host:  Dr Luca Urbani

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