The Institute of Hepatology, London

Founded in 1973, the Foundation for Liver Research (formerly called the Liver Research Trust) has supported research programmes into liver disease for more than thirty years including much of the early pioneering work at King’s College Hospital into liver transplantation and acute liver failure. Professor Roger Williams, CBE, has been the Director of Research since 1973 and continues in that role.

Between 1997 and 2010 the Institute was based at University College London under the continuing direction of Professor Williams, in a purpose-designed three storey new building of just under 7000 square feet. In 2010 the Foundation took over direct management of the Institute and now runs the Institute as an independent research facility.

In June 2016 the Institute relocated to a new facility on the Denmark Hill campus of King's College Hospital as part of an agreement with Kings College London and King's College Hospital to maximise the opportunities on campus for clinical translational research into liver disease.

The Foundation runs on donations. Every little helps us continue our work.