Dr Vishal Patel

I am a clinician scientist with an interest in Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF). ACLF is a newly recognised syndrome characterised by acute decompensation of chronic liver disease associated with organ failures and very high short-term mortality. The majority of ACLF patients have no identifiable trigger and the course of ACLF is dynamic; it may worsen with serious deterioration over a matter of days, or improve and spontaneously resolve. My particular research interest is whether changes in gut microbiota and systemic microbial products and metabolites can predict progression of liver injury and disease in ACLF and the therapeutic utility of targeting gut microbiota through interventions such as faecal-microbiota transplantation, pre/pro-biotic administration and the use of non-absorbable antibiotics such as Rifaximin.

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