Dr Jane Cox

Professional experience:

2010 – present Senior Research Scientist and Head of Metabonomics and Proteomics Group, Institute of Hepatology, Foundation for Liver Research, London, UK.

2012 – present Honorary Associate, Medical Research Council

2011 – present Honorary Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck College, London, UK.

2010 – present Honorary Lecturer, Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Imperial College London, UK.

Research Interests: I am interested in developing and using clinical magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) techniques to improve diagnosis and monitoring of liver disease. I am a scientist by training, having specialised in Chemistry during my undergraduate degree and magnetic resonance spectroscopy techniques during my PhD studies. I was then part of a team at GEC Hirst Research Centre building a whole-body clinical magnetic resonance spectroscopy system, before taking up an academic position at Imperial College London. My current research into liver damage is based on the assumption that the diseased liver will cause specific changes in the chemical composition of blood or urine. Such changes may provide earlier markers of disease than are currently available by routine clinical tests. This is important as the initial stages of liver damage or the early indications of liver cancer can be difficult to detect using routine clinical tests.

Selected publications and presentations:

‘Molecular Analysis of Liver Disease with MR Spectroscopy’ in Principles and Practice of Translational Molecular Imaging: Liver Disease - Molecular Pathology, Paradigm Shifts and Molecular Imaging. Invited presentation at the 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Nov 2012. http://rsna2012.rsna.org/search/event_display.cfm?em_id=12021991.

Lipid profiling of pre-treatment liver biopsy tissue predicts sustained virological response in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Cobbold JFL, COX IJ, Brown AS, Williams HRT, Goldin RD, Thursz MR, Thomas HC, Taylor-Robinson SD. Hepatology Research 2012; 42: 714-20. Epub 12 Jun 2012.

Urinary metabolic biomarkers of hepatocellular carcinoma in an Egyptian population. Shariff MIF, Gomaa AI, COX IJ, Patel M, Williams HRT, Crossey MME, Thillainayagam AVT, Thomas HC, Waked I, Khan SA, Taylor-Robinson SD. J Proteome Res 2011; 10:1828-36.

A comparison of single-voxel clinical hepatic phosphorus-31 MR spectral parameters at 1.5T and 3.0T in health and diseased sates. Wylezinska M, Cobbold JFL, Fitzpatrick J, McPhail MJW, Crossey MME, Thomas HC, Hajnal JV, Vennart W, COX IJ, Taylor-Robinson SD. NMR in Biomed 2011; 24: 231-237.

Raised hepatic bile acid concentrations during pregnancy are associated with reduced farnesoid-X-receptor function. Milona A, Owen B, Cobbold JFL, Willemsen ECL, COX IJ, Boudjelal M, Cairns WJ, Schoonjans K, Taylor-Robinson SD, Klomp L, Parker MG, White R, vanMil SWC, Williamson C. Hepatology 2010; 52:1341-9.

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