Anthony Moriah Memorial Concert

Anthony Moriah was a singer songwriter and musician who regularly performed in Europe and around the UK. He died from liver failure in late 2009 having contracted the Hepatitis B virus which had irreversibly damaged his liver over a period of time.  Anthony was unaware that his liver was severely damaged until it was too late and he died while being treated and awaiting a liver transplant. 

The Anthony Moriah Memorial Concert Production - comprising Roxanne Moriah, Joe Caddy, Lincoln Alert, Lloyd Moriah and Les Bell  -  organised a memorial concert on 30th September 2010 at The Bush Hall Shepherds Bush in memory of his musical life.   

Following this event a generous donation was made to the Foundation.  We are very grateful to Anthony's sister and friends for their wish to contribute to the Foundation's research work in his memory.


If you would like to organise an event to raise funds for the Foundation for Liver Research please contact us on 020 7255 9832

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