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The Foundation for Liver Research was established in 1974 to develop and extend research into diseases of the human liver and to enhance medical research generally.

For over 30 years the Foundation has supported ground-breaking research programmes into liver disease under the direction of Professor Roger Williams, CBE. This work is carried out within the purpose-built Institute of Hepatology located in central London.  The Institute provides laboratory space for up to 40 scientists and is affiliated to Birkbeck College, University of London. Research is organised around major research projects within the overall theme of Liver Cell Injury and Repair. Current areas of research include viral hepatitis, liver cancer, liver inflammation and metabolism, liver cell injury and metabonomic and proteomic studies.


Watch our new video and listen to our scientists talking about their research and how we are tackling liver disease:


Robert PowellRobert Powell, star of film and television, writes:

"I am supporting the work of the Foundation for Liver Research and I encourage you to do the same. Liver disease has many causes and it is increasing in the UK. I have seen two close friends succumb to this frightening and debilitating disease and whether it is one of the hepatitis viruses, liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease or any of the many other liver disorders that can occur, severe liver disease affects the quality of life not just of the patient but their families too.

Research is the lifeblood of medicine and this is an area where we need action now. Please support the Foundation for Liver Research – Your donation could help save people's lives."

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